MoneyTime Financial Literacy Program for Kids

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Financial literacy program for kids

Financial literacy is one of the most important life skills you can give a child yet it is often neglected. Many parents feel overwhelmed and just don’t know where to start when it comes to teaching kids personal finance.

That’s why MoneyTime was created: MoneyTime, to make it easy for parents, and fun for kids, to learn how to be good with money.

MoneyTime is can also be used as a homeschool financial literacy curriculum for kids.

“That’s why MoneyTime was created:

To make it easy for parents and fun for kids to learn how to be good with money.”

Give your child a head start in life

You may have taught your child the foundations of personal finance but they’re going to need to be familiar with bigger concepts such as debt, borrowing, mortgages and investing basics if they’re going to get ahead financially. It may sound advanced but kids are hungry to understand how the world around them works. By teaching your child these key financial concepts you’re giving them the head start in life they need.

When children understand how the financial system works and how to use it to their advantage they’re able to feel confident about money and the future.


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